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Lead in Jackson Water: Recommendations for Pet Owners

Some homes in the Jackson area have recently shown higher than normal levels of lead in their drinking water.

The Mississippi State Department of Health follows Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements by performing routine testing of water for the presence of lead and copper. Recent sampling of water in 100 Jackson homes resulted in 11 with levels of lead high enough to be deemed actionable by the EPA. The City of Jackson is taking steps to educate customers and improve corrosion control systems in the City water plant. Additional information.

Pets are also susceptible to lead poisoning and pet owners should follow the same advice given by the Health Department and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for people. If you have a pregnant pet , young puppies or kittens, follow the same advice for pregnant women and infants.

  • Before using tap water for pets, run your tap on cold for one to two minutes. For more detail, see this information from the CDC.
  • Households should never use hot water for drinking or cooking.
  • For pregnant pets, very young puppies or kittens use filtered water (NSF53 certified filter) or bottled water for drinking and cooking. Please remember that the risk to humans or pets is very low, These precautions should remain in place at least six months while the City of Jackson makes the necessary changes required to stabilize the pH levels in its water system that contribute to corrosion

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