Rules of the Mississippi Board of Animal Health

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Ch. 15 - Reportable Diseases

100 The Mississippi Board of Animal Health elects to participate in the National Animal Health Reporting System (NAHRS) which is designed to report, on a state by state basis, diseases which have an impact on the ability of the United States to export animals and meat products to other countries. Participating in the NAHRS program certifies to other countries that the State of Mississippi has the ability to monitor and control diseases that have an impact on the livestock and poultry industry in Mississippi .

(Adopted June 9, 1999.)

Source: Miss. Code Ann . §69-15-3.

101Therefore, the Mississippi Board of Animal Health hereby adopts the "Office International des Epizooties (OIE) List A and B Diseases", Covid-19, Chronic Wasting Disease, Tularemia, Plague, Canine Brucellosis, West Nile Virus, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Equine Viral Arteritis, Equine Herpes Myelitis, Bovine Trichomoniasis, Undiagnosed mortality events, Undiagnosed neurological diseases of livestock, Abortion Storms of livestock, Vesicular Diseases of Livestock, Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea & Delta Corona Virus of Swine, as reportable to the State Veterinarian by licensed veterinarians and diagnostic laboratories. (Adopted June 9, 1999. Amended September 5, 2002. Amended October 20, 2014; amended August 5, 2016; Amended February 15, 2021.)
Source: Miss. Code Ann . §69-15-3.