Rules of the Mississippi Board of Animal Health

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Ch. 21 - Approved Veterinarians



The State Veterinarian or his designee shall have the power and authority to issue such quarantines and stand-still orders as he may deem to be necessary or desirable to prevent, control or eradicate all contagious and infectious diseases of animals and poultry. Such quarantines and stand-still orders may restrict the ently into Mississippi or the intrastate movement of any animals or poultry, dead or alive, as well as any vehicles, animal litter, animal feed, cooked or uncooked food, bedding, equipment, structures, clothing and any other products that may contain infectious materials. Such quarantines and stand-still orders may apply to locations or premises, as well as to animals, poultry and physical objects.

Adopted: 2-15-21

Source: Miss. Code Ann. §69-15-9.